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zzzzzz....wha? huh? where am i?

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The title says it all. I'm lost and have no idea where I am. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the man with no plan, Autophobe. You may remember me from such forums as Utopia Temple, that other one, and that one with all the red letters. Don't remember me? I'm not surprised. Neither do I. But I had that awesome picture of the spoon wearing a santa hat. He taught me many important lessons in life, most important of all: You don't need to change your clothes for people to like you. Although washing them once in a while is recommended.

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The a team

So new years has come and gone and as usual that night in the restaurant industry is total madness. My restaurant for example did four times the business that we normaly do in a given night. The chef then wisly decided to make sure that it was him, me, and the other most experienced line cook working that night. Read more »

The case for veal.

So today for fun I decided to make some pretencious french food.

Wait I hear you cry, there is no french food that is not pretencious! Wrong, dead wrong in fact, but we are not going to get into the details of wonderful brasseries, or humble bistro food. Read more »

just an ordinary sunday..

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long freaking time since i did a blog post. and this one won't be worth any more than the others, i just wanna spit it all out, so that the few that still care can see it without me having to type it any more times. yep, lazy

so. i was in a fairly bad accident this weekend. sunday morning, around 6:15 am.  it had drizzled down snow for the first time this year, and the temp was, of course, freezing. i needed milk. so for all intents and purposes, i'm blaming my wreck on some cow, somewhere. yeah, i know. it hardly seems fair. that's life. Read more »

We are Anonymous. We are Legion.

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Yeah, so for those who live under a rock, Anonymous has declared war on Scientology. This can only lead to epic lulz, and possibly the downfall of Scientology. So...everyone wins?

Read up at . At the very least laugh at the videos, for they are awesome.

Heppy New Year!

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The tpoy is totallyu intentional. Happy new year to all of ym unplugged bretheren (And sistren? Does that even exist?)! May 2008 be full of good cheer!


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Merry Christmas, you sorry lot. The one day of the year where I'm supposed to reign supreme, and what do I get? A load of coal and suffering?! My displeasure shall rain down upon the world like the tears of a thousand stillborn children, and the skin will melt off your bones with revulsion. I take it I'm not on the nice list anymore?

Seriously, though, merry <Non-denominational holiday> to you all, and I hope you have a good present day.

Robert Jordan has passed away

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As directly quoted from the Dragonmount blog:

Sometimes even when you’ve fought your best….
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I'm back, bitches!

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The title says it all. Let chaos reign!

Theory of the One Post and You

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Did you know, if you make one post a day. You can feed an entire African village for a week. Yes, tis true. Don't believe me,  this is what Dr. Fizzgerald said "I eat the human soul" and that came from the mouth of a doctor. And heres another testimoney from a from a robot, "Beep, beep, DESTROY ALL HUMANS."

See, one post a day feeds an entire African village. Do your poart and kill a endargered species.